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Welcome to Angela Handeslowe’s Girl Talk. This website is officially for, in celebration of and all about Girls, so if this is your first visit, take time to explore the site and all aspects of Angela’s perspectives, insights, info and advice about fab female fun and life amidst the laughter, loves, losses and luxuries of the young and ingenious feminine mystique all brought to you by the Medical Aesthetic and Laser Clinic. Browse through our blogs to find the latest makeup trends, laser hair removal Melbourne tips, health and beauty aids, stylish house and garden deçor and personal training techniques. Visit Angela’s Talk Facts page to feast on the latest facts about anything and everything a girl might ponder or fancy. Then take a peek at our Ask Katie page for every brand of answer imaginable—from purely practical to downright outrageous, about everything you’ve ever dreamed of asking, ordinary or absurd, but never actually put into words.

All fun and frivolities aside, Angela has an abundance of wisdom to share with you on myriad topics of current interest. For example, her makeup blog reveals state-of-the-art secrets and tips for using this season’s new hues and textures to enhance your most essential assets of attraction. Heed Angela’s tips on creating stylish, chic house and garden deçor, laser hair free legs and get a heads-up on pursuing a personal training career path. Share your thoughts and comments on our “Contact Me” page, and you just may find your words of wisdom at the top of Angela’s “Savvy Sis” list the next time you visit her Talk Facts page. Angela’s philosophy is, “Awesome friends are like kin,” so visit the ever-growing family of Angela Handeslowe’s followers often. Remember, girl talk is world talk, so stop by often to welcome all the new faces from chic global places.

Angela and Kitty doing Laser Hair Removal

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